Stock Photo Joy - inspirational guide about selling and buying images online

It's been almost 10 years that stock photography has been bringing joy into my life. I enjoy selling photos - because it allows me to work from home and make a living doing what I love. I enjoy buying photos - because it allows me to quickly find inexpensive high-quality images for my creative projects. And most importantly, it is guiding me towards even a bigger dream - having a passive income and not working at all. As a stock photographer, I am inspired by this concept - "you do something well - once, - and you enjoy the result of it for the rest of your life". If you have created a valuable and high-quality image, if your keywords and descriptions are well-written, if you took your time to upload it to all the best stock photo agencies, chances are that this image will work for you for many years, earning you a nice income.

This site is like a cook book - it contains the ingredients of a successful recipe:

- How to make a living selling images online, and enjoy the process.

- Where to buy inexpensive photos and illustrations for your creative projects.

- How to run a home photography business, working from home and loving it!
Stock Photo Joy

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