Attention to details – make your photos look professional

Attention to details - make photos look professional

Careful attention to details is what often distinguishes professional from amateur, and that’s what will make your photos look professional. If you are only starting out with photography, chances are that in a year or so when you look at your old pictures you will see some details that you’ll want to improve and that you haven’t noticed before.

Look at each image critically before uploading it for sale. Is it good enough to be offered to customers? Are you proud of it? Try to establish high quality standards for yourself from the beginning. Microstock photo market keeps growing, and quality standards are getting higher as more and more professional photographers sell their images on microstock sites. To be able to successfully compete in this market you need to produce images of flawless quality.

Pay attention to such details as lens distortion or visible dust on objects in the picture. Make your images as perfect as you now can. Maybe later you will be able to do better but make sure that now you are doing your best.

Do you see any noise, scratches or artifacts? Is there any “purple fringing”? Try to reduce it to minimum to avoid image rejection.

Is the focus good when you view the image at 100% zoom? Is the line of the horizon on images of landscapes looks perfectly horizontal? On images of interiors, are vertical lines look perfectly vertical? Is the background free of unnecessary destructions?

Attention to all those details will make your photos look professional and will greatly improve your image acceptance ratio.