Creating a new photo book with Blurb

Furniture Porn - photo book preview

I got an unexpected gift from – a 40$ discount coupon which I can use to create and publish my photo book. I got this gift because I signed up to be Blurb’s affiliate. I really like this service and it’s a pleasure for me to give them some promotion on my site. If you are looking for ideas to monetize your website or blog, you can also join Blurb’s affiliate program, and chances are that you will get a discount coupon as well.

The subject of my upcoming photo book is original and ordinary at the same time. A special look at ordinary things. The book is called “Furniture Porn” and invites the readers to take a closer look at beautiful furniture of different styles and types, and to appreciate a variety of materials, textures, colors and shapes which create the personality of each object.

Throughout the last 3 years I have accumulated a large number of furniture photos. It’s my way of owning all those beautiful objects because definitely I cannot afford buying all of them, and anyway even if I could, they wouldn’t fit into my home! But I am totally in love with each and every one of them. And with the help of this book I want to share this love with you, hoping that these images will evoke in you the feelings of coziness and desire – desire to live with style and decorate your home with beautiful objects.

Blurb provides several tools which you can use to create a book. I have chosen BookWright. It takes some time to learn how it works, but it’s not difficult, and there are some good instructional videos on YouTube. My book’s layout is pretty simple, and it is repeated throughout the whole book. So the best thing to do is to create and save a layout for a book page, and to apply every time you create a new page. Then it is easy to insert text and images in predefined places on each page.

You can import all the images that you plan to use in the book from your computer into BookWright. It is pretty convenient, but I find that there is one feature missing – I haven’t found any possibility to create different image folders in BookWright. Ideally I would like to place photos for each chapter into a separate folder. Because I have lots of photos! And it takes too much time to find that one particular image that I need to insert into a page.

Other than that, BookWright is easy to use and is pretty convenient.

I have one more week to finish my book, before the discount coupon expires, so I will keep working! When the editing is done, I will need to upload the book to Blurb and order a printed copy. And in a couple of weeks I will hold in my hands my first real book full of colorful photos!