How stock photos are used?

How stock photos are used?

It is always interesting to see how your images are used. Microstock agencies do not reveal the names of buyers but the more images you sell, the more often you see them in magazines, in advertising, on posters, on websites and blogs, etc. You can also make a quick search on Google using your name or the alias under which you sell your work – many websites give credits to photographers and illustrators.

Here are some recent examples of how stock photos are used.

Gary Schmidt

A pianist Gary Schmidt used my image as a cover of his album Landscapes Of The Heart.

Gary Schmidt - Landscapes of the heart

Zone Maison

Interior design store Zone Maison have used two of my photos on decorative stickers, which is very cool because I love this store!

How stock photos are used - Zone Maison stickers


Abode magazine, focusing on design and architecture, used a series of my home decor photos in an article “9 Ways to add valued to your home under $500”.

How stock photos are used - Abode magazine

Woman This Month

The magazine Woman This Month featured my image in a nice article about green plants in home decor.

How stock photos are used - magazine article

Profile Mag

Profile magazine used my popular image in an article about home decor.

How stock photos are used - Profile Mag

Crafts Institute

Another image from the same series has been chosen by Crafts Institute for the article about colors “Living with metallics”.

How stock photos are used - Crafts Institute