Stock photography resources and useful links

Stock photography resources and useful links

Stock photography resources

Microstock Group
A meeting place for microstock photographers. Online forum discussing microstock photography and microstock agencies.

Microstock Diaries
Inspiring blog for people who are interested in selling images on microstock sites.

Photography techniques

Product Photography How To
Useful product photography techniques: coin photography, jewelry photography, glass photography, flower photography, bead photography etc.

Image editing / post-processing

Monitor calibration
How to calibrate your monitor correctly.

Removing purple fringing – technique 1
How to get rid of purple fringing.

Removing purple fringing – technique 2
“2-minute Photoshop trick” on removing chromatic aberration (purple fringing).

Clipping Paths
Using Clipping Paths in Photoshop.

Cross Processing in Photoshop
How to achieve color negative art effect in Photoshop (“Cross-Processing”).

Fixing underexposed photos
How to fix an underexposed photo in Photoshop.

Fixing overexposed photos.
How to fix an overexposed photo in Photoshop.

Match Color – Photoshop tutorial
Match Color – Photoshop CS2 Video Tutorial.

Convert color photos to black and white
Turning photos from color to stunning black and white.

Photo editing software / plug-ins
Adobe Photoshop tutorials and plug-ins.

Imagenomic plug-ins
Imagenomic plug-ins. Amazing Photoshop plug-ins for reducing noise and for portrait retouching.

NeatImage – noise reduction plugin (can be used as Photoshop plugin and standalone application).

PictureCode NoiseNinja
PictureCode NoiseNinja – popular solution for removing noise and grain from digital photographs. Can be used as Photoshop plug-in and standalone application.

Photography communities

World’s leading photo-blogging site, featuring more than 10 million members from more than 200 countries – a simple and fun way to express yourself through online photo diaries or photo blogs.