The joy of being self-employed

The joy of being self-employed

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Many people dream of quitting their day jobs and starting their own business. In my personal story, the first little seed of desire to work from home was planted by my grandfather when I was 9 years old. At that time he got an opportunity to live abroad and work from home. We were invited for a family visit, and I lived with my grandparents for a while. I could see that despite of staying at home most of the day, my grandpa took his job very seriously. He would have breakfast in the kitchen, then put on his suit and tie and go to the office in the next room. He would close the door and work. I could hear him talking on the phone. My grandma would type letters for him, on that black heavy metal typewriter, and would bring him coffee. In the evening all the family would go to the dining room to have supper together. This way of life, free from stress and hustle, seemed to me totally amazing, and I got inspired by the idea of working from home. I just thought that I would never wear suit and tie. I disliked all kinds of formal outfits, which was just one more good reason to work from home.

I truly appreciate the fact that nowadays, thanks to modern technology and Internet, I can work from anywhere in the world, and most of my work can be done at home.

Some friends told me they would never be able to work from home because they find it too hard to stay organized and motivated. True, it is difficult. That’s why it is really important to make your work as pleasant as it can be. The Home Photography Business section of this site provides some tips which will help you stay inspired and enjoy working on your own.

Social security is another reason why many of my friends choose a 9 to 5 job despite the fact that they would love to work from home. Being self-employed takes courage, confidence, and an ability to manage your budget well. Make savings, spend wisely, plan ahead. Invest in good equipment. And make happiness a priority.

The reward is freedom. Freedom to wake up late if you like to, freedom to drink wine or listen to your favorite music while you work, freedom to skip a day or two if you suddenly decide to visit your best friend in another city. Freedom to work on weekends and go to Ikea on Monday morning (to avoid line-ups! :).

Well, the ultimate dream is to be able to stop working and just have money! Selling images online is a step in this direction, as it provides you with multiple sources of passive income. You can upload your photos to 10-12 different stock photo agencies, and the photos will work for you for as long as these agencies exist.

Some other ideas of passive income include selling prints at sites like and, or publishing a photo book.