Unstock – new wave of stock photography

Unstock - new wave of stock photography

Microstock photography has give birth to millions of conceptual images, many of which have become a cliché: smiling businessmen shaking hands, happy people on white background, couples on the beach holding hands, goldfish jumping from one aquarium to another, red apple standing out from the crowd of green apples, etc.

People got tired of staged photos. They feel the need for photos capturing the real world, photos that do not look staged or manipulated.

The new hot trend is “Unstock” – emotionally driven images that tell a story. Real looking people in real life situations. Natural and authentic.

This new wave of photography will not replace the traditional stock imagery, but will complement it, giving us a break from obviously staged images and showing the world around us as we see it in our daily lives.

“Unstock” is best described as “natural, raw and fresh” imagery, which has more heart and uniqueness than traditional stock photography.