Which photos sell best?

Which photos sell best?

To succeed in stock photography business you should have a good idea about the current trends, know which photos sell best, and be able to find your own niche. Each site has its own marketing strategy and its particular clientele, so one and the same image may sell well on some sites and not sell at all on others. It is important that you try to find your unique niche in this ever growing market. It is not true that everything has been already done, there is always room for creativity, imagination and new ideas.

Shoot what you like best, and eventually you will develop a feel for what sells best and which images are “stock” and which are not. It is most likely that if your photo is good quality, has vivid colors, good lightning and interesting subject, it will be bought by someone.

Check out the most popular images on stock photo sites and study portfolios of the most successful photographers to get some inspiration.

10 years ago the general tendency was that images of people and families, modern lifestyles, business concepts, and objects on white background were selling well. It is still true but everybody has gotten tired of clichés and staged photos, like smiling businessmen on white background shaking hands, or goldfish jumping from one aquarium to another. Now the new trend is “Unstock” – real looking people in real life situations. Natural and authentic. The world around us as we see it in our daily lives.

Personally for me, interior design concepts worked the best, and this is my favorite subject! Modern home, cozy living room, renovations and home improvement, comfortable and stylish furniture, rooms decorated with green plants, contemporary design – I love creating this kind of concepts, I enjoy decorating my own home, and these themes work really well for me. I tried shooting business people, just because I believed that business concepts sell well, but I hate business people, so no… mine didn’t sell that well 🙂